2nd Response to disc 6-therapies in healthcare

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I believe that these therapies can be a good option for treatment for certain conditions, but there is still much research that needs to be done to prove its effectiveness, safety, and how they work. Electrical and magnetic field therapies have been used to treat a variety of conditions such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Some even use it for treating cancer and other diseases. The human body is fascinating and there is so much about its capabilities that we still don’t know about. I do believe these treatments have shown success and improvements for people.  

In my workplace, I often see EEGs being ordered for patients who present to the ER with altered mental status or status post seizure. It is used in these cases to detect if a patient is actively having seizure activity. This procedure involves attaching electrodes to the scalp, these electrodes then read activity of the brain. The brain produces tiny electromagnetic energy brainwaves which penetrate the skull and can be recorded by the EEG device. I have had suspicions about this procedure because majority of the time the results are negative, but on the other hand I’ve seen it show positive for seizures. 


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