305 Human Resources

Pretend you are a D & I Consultant and you are in contention for an important contractwith a prospective Fortune 500 client. Describe how you would respond to the followingquestions that are typically asked by client organizations as they are in search of thebest DEI consultant fit for their respective consultant opportunity.Instructions:In preparation of your responses to the posed questions, watch the assigned videos andread the provided article links included below. Additionally, it is expected you willconduct your own research related to these topics to provide complete and thoroughanswers you would use in an actual interview for a DEI consultant opportunity. Considerthe most important DEI consultant competencies: 1) Change Management, 2) Diversity,Inclusion, and the Global Perspective, 3) Business Acumen, 4) Strategic ExternalRelations, 5) Integrity, 6) Visionary Strategic Leadership, and 7) HR Competencies.Questions for this Assignment:Top 10 Interview Questions When Vetting DEI Consultants1. Describe your theoretical framework and methodology.1. Framework:i. Social Justiceii. Organizational Developmentiii. Psycho-Socialiv. Change Management2. How?: 2022 Post University, Waterbury, CTALL RIGHTS RESERVEDv. Strategies2. What do you enjoy about this DEI work?3. What values drive your DEI work?4. How does data fit within your consulting approach/methodology?5. How do you measure success? How will we know that your work with us wasimpactful?6. Explain your rationale for the engagement timeline that you recommend.7. How would you describe your consulting style?8. What would you say that you specialize in when it comes to your DEI work?9. One of our organizations DEI issues is that our workforce demographics are notreflective the clients we serve. What would you recommend as a viable DEIstrategy to solve this problem?10.Describe a client challenge you have helped overcome. What tools, strategies,and approaches aided you in successfully handling that challenge?

Requirements:Prepare an APA paper of at least 1,500 words of narrative, paragraph format thatcomprehensively answers the posed questions. Since this is a reflective paper thatincludes self-analysis, it is acceptable to prepare this paper in first person. Make sure toinclude at least three peer reviewed journal article sources to defend your contentionspresented in your paper.