4.3 M4 Discussion 1 Practice Case Study

Using HOT-fit Evaluation Framework: Rough Ride


In this module, we are exploring the evaluation of HIT. In this discussion, you will use HOT-fit as the framework to plan Rough Ride’s evaluation. We do not have enough data in the case to evaluate Visionex. Instead, your goal is to demonstrate that you understand what information each Hot-fit dimension is and how it is related to expected outcomes and know what data needs to be collected to measure that dimension.


In this forum, there are five threads. Four threads are for the HOT-fit framework – one for the three technology dimensions, one for the human dimensions, one for organization dimensions, and one for the net benefit. One thread is for the scope of the evaluation.

In the model, there are three dimensions in technology, two dimensions in human, and two dimensions in organization. The level of fit between the attributes in those dimensions benefits a single user, group of users, and organization. Table 1 gives a long list of examples of different measures for each dimension. Look at the case and identify all the possible types of data for each dimension. As a group, you must fully explore each dimension. Some dimensions may not have much data that you can use. For those dimensions, discuss what data you would like to collect. For all your data, you must explain where you will collect the data- user surveys/interviews? System logs? Project charters? After collecting all your data, identify the net benefit you can determine from analyzing the data.

For the scope thread, discuss your evaluation’s scope and explain why. Are you looking at the individual user, a group of users (which groups), or an organization? How would the data you need change depending on your scope?

Initial post

Each group member is expected to post an initial post in each thread. However, each person must publish an initial post for two threads to start the discussion. You may post an initial post to the remaining threads after the discussion has started.