5-2 Final Project Milestone Two: Literature Review Draft

Outpatient Mental Health

This step requires creating a single statement that accurately identifies the proposed service or treatment you want to implement. You need a manageable and simplified topic to conduct research appropriately. You will also research and examine relevant literature to narrow the scope of your inquiry.

You will submit your research question in a draft of the Literature Review section of your final grant proposal. Your draft will contain a narrative in which you will use professional journals, texts, and resources to comprehensively examine the identified problem from the perspective of current developmental theories. Providing examples relevant or similar to your organizational environment is imperative so those reviewing the grant will truly gain an experiential perspective of the grant.

  1. Literature Review: Conduct a review of available literature around the developmental theory concerning your identified issue (4 pages):
    1. Problem/Need: Begin your literature review with a concise statement of your research question (identifying the problem you wish to study). Using American Psychiatric Association criteria and current professional research publications, describe how the identified developmental, behavioral, or diagnostic problem is identified and diagnosed in children and adolescents.
    2. Theory Survey and Comparison: Survey at least two relevant developmental theories. At least one theory must be current, and the others may be classic or current.
      1. Identify the factors that contribute to the problems prevalence according to these theories.
      2. How do these different theories compare? What are their contrasting opinions about the prevalence and diagnosis of your identified problem?