500 words reports

First, listen to this interesting episode from IDEO’s Creative Confidence Podcast series about the many values of prototyping, how to create low-fidelity prototypes for both digital products and services, and generally on the role of technology in design:

Second, describe your strategies, thoughts about, and favourite ways of prototyping: How do you typically prototype? How would you like to prototype? What are the benefits and tradeoffs with the way you typically prototype?
After having listened to the podcast, do you think differently about prototyping? Will your approach to prototyping change? For you personally, what was the biggest takeaway from this episode?

Your answer should be no longer than 500 words, in English. Feel free to add any images, sketches, or illustrations that help you convey what you mean. However, your text and visuals combined need to fit on a single A4 page.