Ads for Management or Executive Positions


Find two ads for management or executive positions (Copy and paste them).

Follow the instructions for this assignment carefully. The DQ is asking you to select Two Ads related to the 8 attributes. DO NOT address all the 8 attributes, focus and concentrate only the attributes discussed in the Two Ads.

  • What leadership attributes (competencies) are mentioned in these ads? (There are eight [8] listed in Chapter 12, p. 460).
  1. Personality
  2. Self-concept
  3. Leadership Motivation
  4. Drive
  5. Integrity
  6. Knowledge of the Business
  7. Cognitive Intelligence (IQ) and Practical Intelligence
  8. Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.)

If you were on the selection panel, what methods (or questions) would you use to identify these specific leadership attributes (competencies) in job applicants? (For example, what questions would you ask the applicant to decipher his or her leadership competencies? BE SPECIFIC).