analysis of 2 visual texts

An Analysis of Two Visual TextsEssay Assignment

Analysis of Television Ads
For the second major assignment, youll examine and analyze two television ads
designed to produce both a positive feeling about a brand and an impulse to action in an
audience. In our YouTube, constantly streaming, imagesaturated lives, the ability to
critically engage and analyze visual texts becomes increasingly important.
Youll have the option to choose from the following pairs of television ads, accessible
through YouTube. Each pair will give you something different to think about in terms of
their connections and differences and, more importantly, how each ad conveys the
message and why that message might be effective.
Choose ONE of the following three pairs as the focus for your essay:
1. The Chase (Persil ProClean)
and Youre Gonna Need More Tide (Tide POWER PODS)

2. Freshpet Dinner Date Commercial (Freshpet)

and Healthy Habits (The Farmers Dog)


and Acura Electric: New World. Same Energy (Acura)

You will be comparing two ads: think about these possible elements in the ads:
persuasion, dialogue, images, humor, irony. A successful essay will include three points
of comparison, and there will be effective description and analysis. Because these ads
contain so many elements, your analysis should focus on the dominant points of
comparison/contrast that you can develop and support with concrete details.
Your thesis should make a claim about the differences in the way the ads establish their
purposes and achieve their persuasive effects; additionally, your thesis should make clear
what points the upcoming paragraphs will take up (your thesis is always a blueprint for
your essay).
As support and illustration for your prose, include at least 2 images in your essay
from those ads (screenshots).

Work Cited
Begin at the top of the page that follows the last paragraph of your paper.
Gives the formal citation for your source in MLA (Works Cited) format.
Example of a works cited page with an entry for a YouTube video:
Works Cited
Persil ProClean. The Chase. YouTube, 20 May 2022,

Length: 500700 words
Format: Double space your paper, and use a 12 pt. font, Times New Roman. There
should be a title at the top of page 1.
Submit your paper file in the Turnitin link for Essay 1 that has been set up in your
Canvas course (under Assignments). Your file should be saved as a Word file (.docx) or
as a .PDF file.
Keep in mind that your paper will be subjected to a Turnitin Originality test; ALL
quotes, paraphrases, and summaries MUST be documented correctly and completely
according to MLA guidelines. Failure to document quotes, paraphrases, and summaries
can result in the invoking of the Academic Honesty Policy (see the Academic Honesty
Policy in your Course Syllabus)