Analysis Practice

Assignment Overview

For this week’s analysis practice writing assignment, you will have the chance to understand how artists can communicate specific themes in their works through the inclusion of particular subject matter, the use of particular media (materials and techniques), and the choices of particular design elements executed within the imagery or composition by putting yourself in the shoes of the artist!

Assignment Instructions

  1. Imagine that you are an artist commissioned to produce a work that embodies one of the specific themes we discussed in class this week.
  2. Choose ONE of the following themes to focus on:
    1. Politics and Rulers (portraits of rulers or leaders, artworks used for political propaganda, artworks and monuments used to establish ideas about political and state institutions, etc.)
    2. Religions and Spirituality (sacred realm, expression of religious beliefs, deities, sacred places etc.)
    3. The Cycle of Life and/or Human Experience (experiences of time, internal and external experiences, individual and collective experiences, experiences of the human body, etc.)
    4. The Natural World (artworks depicting nature, artworks, monuments, and/or installations set in natural environments, etc.)
  3. Describe what kind of work you would create to communicate your chosen theme to viewers.
    1. Include details about the design elements (lines, colors, scale, texture, space, balance and proportion, etc.), materials, and techniques, and offer explanations showing how and why these specific components will help communicate this theme.
    2. Also, include information on location and viewing experience, such as where viewers will be located in relation to the work (in front, behind, below, above, etc.).
  4. Provide a title for your art work
  1. To earn credit for your assignment, you must follow instructions for the prompt and provide a response in your own words (if needed, please provide proper citation and reference info for anything borrowed or quoted from another sourcethis can be done simply by putting directly quoted text in quotation marks and providing the name of the source in parentheses immediately following any directly quoted or paraphrased text).