Analyzing Theme

Identify theme (greater messages) in Amy Tan, Two Kinds.. Be extremely specific as you identify the greater messages. What are the greater messages in the text (theme)? You must prove your analysis by way of identifying parts of the text that prove the greater messages youve identified. Additionally, analyze and explain in detail why those greater messages are important. Additionally, reflect on any personal experience as it relates to the greater messages of your chosen text. (You may use I in this essay.) You must use textual evidence to prove your claims.

To complete , you will need to:

Formulate your thesis that speaks to the assignment prompt.

Make sure that your paper is consistently analytical. Use explanations and not simple statements

You will draw from the primary text to support your claim. You are not summarizing the text. Your analysis will take the lead and you will use sources to support your analysis. You must be detailed and analytical in your analysis.

Cite and format in MLA style.

  • You must have a works cited page.
  • You must have originality of analysis.