APA format

Identify a problem related to the topic “Workplace Harassment and Discrimination”.

This assignment should be 23 pages in length using APA format. Chapter 1The Introduction includes: Background Context (includes critical incident and ethical considerations related to the problem), Problem Statement, Purpose of Study, and Significance of Researchuse subheadings to frame your chapter. Use support from at least two sources.

  • Do NOT write in first person.
  • The majority of resources that are used need to be peer-reviewed journals that are within 5 years of publication.
  • Every reference must have a corresponding parenthetical citation.
  • Every citation must be referenced at the end of the assignment.
  • All work must be completed in APA 7th edition format.

Use the template. Failure to use the template will result in a significant point deduction to include a possible failing grade.

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