APA paper

Assignment: Click on the YouTube link below to access the TED Talk.

       Explain Nayars comment, do not lead by rejecting but by accepting (TEDxAix, 2015)

  • Describe and explain the role of management using Nayars model. List and explain the three steps for successful execution (TEDxAix, 2015)
  • Use two peer-reviewed journal articles and the textbook to support your response (review ). You must cite. Since your papers are research-based (not opinions), practically every sentence will be cited.  There is no word limit, but the paper must thoroughly answer the questions provided and should be at least two pages of text. This assignment must be in APA format (review ). Please review Week #8 in the syllabus for guidance.
  • Refer to assignment directions in Weeks #4 and #6 for formatting.