(Apple) Data Privacy Paper

Would like to know if I can have a grad paper written in:

5-page paper APA format. 

Provided Background on the topic Including a  personal viewpoint.

Make sure you cite any references. 

“Here are some questions to ponder while you discuss this issue:

1. What harms are potentially produced by the FBIs demand that Apple help it open an iPhone? What harms are potentially produced by Apples refusal to help the FBI?

2. Do you think Apple had a moral obligation to help the FBI open the iPhone in this case because it involved terrorism and a mass shooting? What if the case involved a different type of criminal activity instead, such as drug trafficking? Explain your reasoning.

3. Apple argued that helping to open one iPhone would produce code that could be used to make private information on all iPhones vulnerable, not only to the American government but also to other foreign governments and criminal elements. Do you agree with Apples slippery slope argument? Does avoiding these harms provide adequate justification for Apples refusal to open the phone, even if it could reveal crucial information on the terrorist shooting?

4. Politicians from across the political spectrum, including President Obama and Senator Ted Cruz, argued that technology preventing government access to information should not exist. Do you agree with this limit on personal privacy? Why or why not?

5. Ultimately, the FBI gained access to the iPhone in question without the help of Apple. Does this development change your assessment of the ethical dimensions of Apples refusal to help the FBI? Why or why not? Should the FBI share information on how it opened the iPhone with Apple so that it can patch the vulnerability? Explain your reasoning.”

Few video links listed in course:

Trump to Apple: Open the phone – https://youtu.be/PkcogFe3ZTM

Why Apple is fighting FBI court order – https://youtu.be/mXMeQ-76SRA


Apple: Break-in order a government ‘overreach’ – https://youtu.be/YTyuHgFPca0