For our first discussion, I have chosen the company Apple Inc. Apple is a company that everyone

knows about in the US and other countries. There is most likely some apple device in almost all

households today. Apple Inc. It manufactures computers, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches,

and computer software.

Current assets divided by current liabilities calculate the current ratio. For the years 2021 and

2020, they are as follows.

2021 1.0

2020 1.4

If you notice, there is a decrease between the two years. However, it is not enough to be worried.

The profit margin ratio is when the sales percentage becomes a profit for the company. If the

yield is high, it shows that your business is doing well and can pay for itself and then some. To

calculate the profit margin ratio, you must divide net income by net sales.

2021 26.6%

2020 20.9%

From the two numbers, you notice that from 2020 to 2021, the margin has risen by over five

percent. This could be due to many reasons, but it was primarily due to sales.

Management Discussion

In the discussion for this company, the pandemic was the topic of conversation and how it

affected the company. However, what was done to help with it? Stores were closed temporarily,

and individuals were forced to work remotely. The company continued to move forward.

Auditor & Assessment

Since 2015, Ernst & Young LLP has conducted Apple’s audit. According to accounting, the

company is positive and will remain firm. They were causing Apple to be a good company in all

standings. If I were asked to rate this company and give my thoughts, I would say that the

company is in an excellent situation. Furthermore, we will continue to move forward positively

with the new products and their software continuing to get better. I say this is a positive


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