Applied Sciences COM 3461 Assignment 7- Question 1



You just viewed a scene from the film “The Joy Luck Club”. This film is about four women who were born and raised in China; and immigrated to the United States as adults. Each of these women has a daughter. Their greatest hope is that their daughters will have more choices, more freedom and be more assertive individuals than they were living in China. They try to teach their respective daughters valuable life lessons, but the daughters do not always understand the hidden meaning behind the message.

In this particular scene, you viewed a flashback to China. One of the mothers is telling the story of how she got out of an arranged marriage, while maintaining face for herself and the groom. She does this by persuading her mother-in-law that she is not the person her son is supposed to marry.

  • Relate what the text says about Strategies of Persuasion to this scene.
  • What evidence does she use and why is it considered to be reasonable?
  • List and explain the 3 general strategies of persuasion.