Personal Financial Management 

 Assignment: How is My Credit



Establishing credit and maintaining your creditworthiness are essential to your financial well-being. Good credit allows you to obtain loans and acquire assets that you otherwise might not be able to attain. This project will help you to examine your credit.


If youve already established credit, get a copy of your credit report from one of the credit bureaus mentioned in this chapter. (If youve applied for a loan recently, your lender may already have sent you a copy of your credit report.) Carefully examine your report for any inaccuracies, and take the necessary steps to correct them. Then look over your report and evaluate your creditworthiness. If you feel you need to improve your creditworthiness, what steps do you need to take?

 Your submission should be a minimum of one page of content in length, answering each question with a substantive paragraph of 4 5 sentences in length. Please type the question as well as your answer.  

**My credit went down it is 640 right now, due to a consolidation of 5 credit cards and two little loans. 

My husband and myself bought a house in 2020 in NYC. We have a mortgage.  

We have two lease vehicles. 

I have regular credit cards that I pay for that I use. 

$2,000 and $4500.

I need to start saving for rainy days, also need to fix and repair my credit- so it can be in the high 700’s close to 800 credit score. 

Chapter 6 and 7:

 Required Text(s): PFIN 7Author(s): Gitman, Joehnk, and BillingsleyEdition: 7thYear: 2016ISBN:Digital/electronic Option ISBN:97803570336099780357033692