One-Page Description of your Research Project Proposal (500-1000 words)

You will submit a one-page description (500 to 1000-word paper) of your research project proposal.

 In it, you will describe the case study (city or the community that you are analyzing), the objectives of your research (what exactly you seek to examine), the potential data sources (publications, literature, or databases that will inform your project). 

The proposal should have the following components: 1. Title page: Name, IDs, and emails. Also, include our class name and the section of it. 2. Tentative paper title: Be creative and envision a potential title for your paper. 3. Research objectives. You will write two paragraphs. First, write the overarching, general objective of your project. Second, narrow the goals to a specific case study or project. 4. Write a research question. Please write the question that you seek to address in your paper. 5. Literature sources. Please list sources that explore two issues 1) what do we know about your research topic? What have previous researchers found? And 2) what cities, communities, or countries have done to implement or advance sustainable transport in other contexts. This will inspire your research paper.