The Lab Report is the single most important communication device that leaves the laboratory. Although few analyses result in testimony, every analysis performed in the forensic lab results in a lab report. This assignment is meant to assist you with thinking deeper and more critically about the lab report and the lab report components.

According to your Firearm Examiner Training:

“Typically the contents of a firearms/toolmark report will include these elements:

· Date of the report

· Laboratory/agency address

· Attention line

· Submitting agency case number

· Laboratory tracking number

· Written title for the case (may contain suspect’s name, the victim’s name, and the violation)

· Examinations requested

· List and general description of evidence items received

· When, how, and by whom the evidence items were received

· Results of examination(s) performed

· Information regarding return of evidence

· Signature of examiner and quality assurance reviewer(s) (per laboratory protocol)”

(NFSTC, n.d.,   )

Please describe in general what each aspect of those elements contain. What is each element, what should be contained in each element, why is that element important or part of the report, and what information is being relayed by that element? This should be a general paper regarding a generic lab report (or, a generic firearms/toolmarks lab report) and not written as a report about specific evidence. Please be sure to provide significant detail for the “Results of examination(s) performed” section, including all of the possible results and what each means.

Much of this may be common sense. And, there are not many resources out there that explain the lab report… which is why only 1 is required! However, here are 2:


·  (starts on page 112)