Biology – Physiology Homework


Self-reflection is a crucial aspect of learning. It involves taking the time to ponder upon the presented information, identifying what captured our interest the most, assessing our feelings towards the information, and determining the questions that remain unanswered. Engaging in such critical thinking is necessary for growth and development.

1. Three

In this discussion post, you are required to write three concepts, topics, theories, or anything else that you have learned in your own words after reading the assigned chapters and completing the smartbooks, as well as the chapter explorations. 

You should explain what made you choose these topics and provide a critical reflection about the material, instead of just a simple definition. It is important to demonstrate not only your understanding of the concept but also your ability to define it using your own words.  (/6 points).

2. Two

Identify two topics, theories, concepts, etc. you found interesting and would like to research further. How do these concepts relate to you personally or professionally (in your current or future career)? (/4 points)

3. One

Identify at least one question you are still curious about after reading the chapters. This could be a postulation of whether or not a study is still relevant, a confusing concept, how a concept relates to individuals in other societies, etc. Be specific in your response. [Nothing scores a zero.}( /2points)

Your response must be a minimum of 250 words. (/1pt). 

Use paragraphs and complete sentences to fully explore the prompt given. The idea is to delve into your understanding of the concepts and topics being covered to gain personal knowledge.

3-2-1 Grading Rubric

Maximum Points

  • Identified and explained in my own voice, three topics/theories/concepts, etc. learned from the material. (    /6 pts)
  • Identified two interesting topics/theories/concepts they would like to learn more about. Discussed in depth why they wanted to learn more in terms of how these concepts were personally, professionally, or otherwise relevant. (  /4 points)
  • Identified one question that they were still curious about after reading the chapters. (    /2 points)
  • The discussion was a minimum of 250 words. (/1 point)