Book review editing

Peer Review Form for Descriptive Essay

Please, answer the questions below by providing detailed responses including examples to
support your feedback.

1.Title: Is the title attractive/catchy and connected to the content of the book review?

Yes. The title is connected to the content of the book review.

2. Information Specific to Book Reviews: Are the title of the book, the author, the press, date of publications, number of pages, and price included between the title of the review and the (indented) first line of the text? (see example below)

Title of Review

The Tradition, Jericho Brown, Copper Canyon Press, 2019, ISBN 978-1-55659-486-1,77 pages, $17.

The first paragraph of the text of the review starts here (indent each time you start a new paragraph) . . .

At the beginning of the book review all information specifics were included in the first paragraph.

3. Introduction: Is the information below included?

  • The name of the author, the book title, and the main theme.

When I read the book review the author, the book title, and the main theme were all well written and included.

  • Relevant details about who the author is and where he/she/they stand in the genre (fiction, nonfiction, or poetry). You could also link the title of the book to the subject to show how the title explains the subject matter.

When I read through the book review although it is exceptionally written I didnt see any recent facts about the author of the book

  • The context of the book and/or the review. Placing the review in a framework that makes sense to its audience alerts readers to the reviewers take on the book. The choice of context informs the reviewers argument.

The review of the book does make sense and is easy for readers to understand. I can tell the the reviewer tried to inform us on their perspective of the book.

  • The review identifies the books particular novelty, angle, or originality to show what specific contribution the piece is trying to make.

In the book review about Navigating the Depths of Memory the book is described to show readers that contributions were made.

  • The reviewers thesis about the book.

The thesis of the book was well thought out and clear to understand.

4. Summary of Content

This should be brief, as analysis takes priority. Also, some summary will be dispersed throughout other parts of the review as the reviewer assesses the book.

The summary was written well and gives a brief description of what the book is about.

5. Analysis and Evaluation of the Book

The reviewers analysis and evaluation are organized into paragraphs that deal with single aspects of her/his/their argument.

Yes. The book review is written and organized to show the different aspects of the reviewers argument.

Given the reviewers argument, the paragraphs are organized by themes or other elements of the book.

The paragraphs are ordered in a specific way to show the elements of the book.

The reviewer uses 2-3 quotes from the book and includes in-text parenthetical citations. (See specifics for poetry in MO3.)

I dont see any in text citations in the book review.

6. Conclusion

The reviewer makes the final judgment regarding the book. (This paragraph needs to balance the books strengths and weaknesses in order to unify your evaluation.)

The conclusion was well thought out. It gives a greater understanding of the book as a whole and establishes the books strengths and weaknesses.

7. Clarity/Style: Did you find distracting grammar, punctuation, spelling, or word usage
problems? Circle/highlight them and identify any patterns or themes you detect. If you
find awkward sentences, try to explain why they do not make sense to you.
No. I did not find any errors in the book review. Everything flowed nicely and was easy to understand.

6. Requirements: Does the book review respect the required length of 1-3 pages? Is it double-spaced and written in 12pt Times New Roman? Is the book review uploaded as one file, saved in PDF

Yes. The book review is written in Times New Roman 12pt font, and it is uploaded in PDF format.

7. Asset(s): What is/are the book reviews greatest strength(s)? Explain. (For instance, after
reading your assigned peer(s) book reviews(s), are you left with a clear assessment of the book reviewed? Explain by providing examples from the book review and/or making suggestions.)

When reading this book review, I got a clear understanding of the content, theme, and overall understanding of Navigating the Depths of Memory.