BUS 698 Research projects


Need to fix the attached questionnaire as per the professor’s feedback written in red. you will find the research project abstract, hypotheses, storyline, etc. attached in the 2nd attachment for your reference.

Professor Feedback:

1. Do not create your own scales/questions for these four variables. Instead, use the scales that have already

been used in previous studies. Use scales used in some of the recent studies published in top-tier journals. Take

them as they are; only adapt their wording according to the context of your study.

2. Record responses on a 5-point Likert scale format.

3. All scales need to be consistent in terms of response format.

4. Measure the yearly turnover of companies in SAR, as the data will be collected from KSA.

5. Use no. Of employees categories as <50, 50-199, 200+

6. Also, add questions measuring respondents’ demographics, such as their gender, age, employment level,

experience, etc.

7. Also, share your data collection plan, mentioning sample size, sampling method, and data collection method.