Business Finance – Management Research or Interview Paper Assignment Instructions

  Research or Interview Paper Assignment Instructions

Your paper will be at least 7 and at most 9 double-spaced pages for the main content (not including the cover page and reference page). 

For interview paper:

Steps for writing the interview paper:

a) Choose a topic in managerial economics.

Approved Managerial Economic Topic : Logistics demand forecasting 

b) Design at least 5 questions according to the topic.

Approved Interview Questions:

1- How do you integrate market trends into demand forecasting models?

2- Wha t metrics would you monitor to improve forecast accuracy over time?

3- Which statistical techniques do you find most effective for short-term vs. long term forecasting?

4- Forecasting for seasonal products can be challenging; what strategies do you employ to address this?

5- What role does collaboration with other departments play in your forecasting processes?

c) Contact a local or non-local company for an interview with a manager or executive. 

d) Conduct the interview for answers to your questions.

e) The paper must have 3 parts:

The description of the company;

Interview questions and answers; and

Your comments.