Business Question

Listen to the interviews (located within the Certification + Assignment tab). Compare and contrast the three interviews + the BONUS interview.

(Things to ponder: What are the strengths? What are the weaknesses? How may these roles work together? Do their target demographics differ? What was the most surprising thing that you learned? Would you prefer to work in one of these roles over the others? Etc. Etc.)

I have provided you with contact information for each person interviewed. If you would like more information regarding their roles, ask them for advice, or anything else, please reach out – they have each given permission to hear from you.

***This Discussion Post should be a minimum of 1,000 words with at least 5 outside citations.
Remember to use complete sentences, proper grammar, and correct punctuation. This is not a text message thread.

You will be required to submit this through TurnItIn to check for plagiarism.

To watch the interview videos, go to the respective folders within this tab. These are titled:
“Creative Agency Interview”
“Television Interview”
“Radio Interview”
“BONUS Interview: Photography & Podcast”