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Psychological Aspects of Later Adulthood

For this week’s discussion, share your thoughts about the psychological aspects of later adulthood.

  • Please refer to concepts covered in this week’s resources or activities.
  • Attaching an article, video, podcast, meme, et cetera, as part of your post is always a good idea, but remember that you will need to write sufficient text in the post to meet the required point total for the post. Points will not be earned for merely attaching the resource and submitting a post without any descriptive text.
  • Note: Do not create your post as a reply to the pinned post. Instead, use Yellowdig’s Create option to create a new post.

Select one of the following prompts to begin your discussion post this week:

  • Summarize one theory about successful aging. What are the strengths and limitations of this theory?
  • Have a conversation with an older adult in your life. What developmental tasks have they encountered that were challenging and what was your reaction to learning this?
  • Discuss Erikson’s Psychosocial Stage of Developmental, Integrity vs. Despair and provide a specific example.
  • Share at least one example of ageism you have witnessed. How can social workers intervene?