Case Executive Summary


This part of your grade will require that you analyze one assigned case and make appropriate recommendations. This assignment will be worth 10% of your grade. Your case analysis summary is limited to two (2) double-spaced pages using standard 12-point font and executive summary format.

The Executive Summary format has 4 parts. These are:

(1) Identification of up to three primary challenges or opportunities facing the organization. These can be positive or negative;

(2) Next are your recommended solutions;

(3) Then discuss a very brief implementation plan;

(4) Conclude with a discussion of anticipated outcomes if your recommendations are followed. Pay attention to resource constraints when discussing your recommendations.

Brevity is key–so don’t repeat case facts. An Executive Summary is designed to entice the reader to read the entire report/analysis. Please bold and underline the two to three points you consider key and would like to make in class.