Case study

Candidates will read case studies or watch a video that represent issues and challenges faced by school counselors in applying counseling techniques in P-12 school environments and submit reflections. (2-page minimum per submission).

You can use the questions below to guide your answers.

1.How would you work with this student?

2.Would you refer them to personal counseling?

3.What additional information would you elicit from this student?

4.What kind of resources can you offer the student/family?

Case Study–Sarah

You are one of the school counselors at Northwest Middle School. Your caseload includes Sarah, a seventh grader. She was referred to you by her classroom teacher.

The teacher has concerns regarding Sarah due to Sarahs recent change in behavior. Historically, Sarah has been a top student and is very outgoing. Sarah is a member of honor society, plays JV basketball, and is a member of the Drama team. Upon her return from Winter break, Sarah was noticeably withdrawn and her grades began to drop. She has withdrawn from the Drama team and she seems to have lost interest in basketball.

The teacher shared that at a recent parent/teacher conference the parents did not seem concerned about Sarahs behavior changes but rather focused their attention on Sarahs basketball performance. The teacher also informed you that he had tried to connect with Sarah to talk about his concerns but when he tried to do so, Sarah became angry, burst into tears, and stormed out of the room.