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For the initial post, address the following: Why is knowing your audience an important part of capturing and maintaining their attention? What cultural considerations do you need to take into account for your particular audience/topic? How are you going to keep the audience’s attention throughout the speech? Find at least one example on YouTube, TEDx, […]

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 Rupert sells daily newspapers on a street corner. Each morning he must buy the same fixed number q ofcopies from the printer at c = 55 cents each, and sells them for r = $1.00 each through the day. Hesnoticed that demand D during a day is close to being a random variable X thats […]

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BIM- S-5

 Coursework Tasks to be Completed by Students You are required to write an individual report including the following: A. For the Smiths Dock site at North Shields in Newcastle, the project aims to develop a sustainable  housing scheme with consideration for inclusive living B. Analyse the project and propose an appropriate Modern Methods of Construction […]

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