Ch. 7 Discussion Questions

1. Why are computer systems so vulnerable?

2. Why should information security be a prime concern to management?

3. Is security a technical issue? A business issue? Both? Support your answer. (Hint: Read Kim Nash, Why Technology Isnt the Answer to Better Security, CIO(), October 15, 2008.)

4. Compare information security in an organization with insuring a house. 

5. Why are authentication and authorization important to e-commerce?

6. Why is cross-broader cybecrime expanding rapidly? Discuss possible solutions. 

7. Discuss why the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is having an impact on information security. 

8.  What types of user authentication are used at your university and/or  place of work? Do these measures seem to be effective? What if a higher  level of authentication were implemented? Would it be worth it, or would  it decrease productivity?

9. Why are federal authorities so worried about SCADA attacks?


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  Book to be used : 

Management Information Systems, Rainer, Prince, Watson, 3rd Edition