Checkpoint 4: Communicate/ Diversity (Artifacts)

This competency means that students should be able to demonstrate the ability to do the 


1. Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of different points of view that may 

be determined in part by race, ethnicity, culture, social class, national origin, gender, 

age, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, sexual identity, and mental and/or physical 


Artifact: {Link to pper or project which demonstrates knowledge of this competency. You 

will upload your pper and link it on the “Artifact” tab for this page.}

1) How does this artifact demonstrate your ability to articulate the value of diversity 

in the workplace? (100-200 words)

{Text here}

2) How does this artifact demonstrate the students ability to implement HR or 

leadership strategies so that an organization can effectively address the needs of a 

changing citizenry? (100-200 words)

{Text here}

3) How does this artifact demonstrate you have thoughtfully considered what it 

means to be culturally competent, i.e., able to interact effectively with people from 

different backgrounds and cultures? (100-200 words)

{Text here}

4) Discuss three ways in which your coursework in the MPA program has enhanced 

your ability to lead or supervise in a diverse environment (100-200 words)

{Text here}