CIS608 Park University

For this assignment you will be evaluating the web metrics of two firms of your choosing. The two firms must be similar in nature to analyze. Both should be part of the same industry, sell similar product/service, both must have websites, if they have a physical location but both brands must have a physical location. The idea is to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

  • Visit (No need to sign-up.)
  • Type in the website of your chosen company in the top search box Free Report on Any Website or App.
  • Visit the actual website of both firms. This will help to seek clues into their web strategy.
  • In a 2-page paper, address the following:
    1. Provide a brief introduction of both companies.
    2. Compare the websites of both firms? Similar elements/strategies? Different elements/strategies?
    3. Compare a few of their basic metrics: Page views, Sessions, Users, Time Spent, etc.
    4. Based on the metrics, which site appears to be the top performer? Why?
    5. What could the under-performing site to do be more competitive and improve its web stats?