City Fiscal and Economic Analysis

1) Complete a Risk Analysis for your Working Group City, and

2) Write a paper outlining the fiscal condition of your city, identifying the issues that your city faces, and making recommendations for the Mayor’s consideration.

You are the Budget Director for your City. The Mayor has asked you to prepare a briefing, in a memo, on the city’s fiscal and economic condition, including

1) A summary of the City’s current fiscal condition (most recent 2 years)

2) Identifying any critical risks that the City if facing, utilizing the Risk Analysis section Budget Analysis Template Spring 2024

3) Completing a SWOT Analysis of Your City’s fiscal and economic condition;

4) recommending any specific areas that need attention, and

5) providing recommendations for the Mayor to consider at the beginning of the Administration.

The Mayor is interested in both the current condition as well as any historical trends that might be helpful in understanding the city’s economic and fiscal condition.