CJ 140 Project Two Scenario The police are sent to a call for a male who is acting erratically. The caller is the neighbor of the male in question, who, according to the caller, is “not himself.” The caller tells the dispatcher that the male subject is on probation for drug offenses and has a long history of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). No additional information is available. The police arrive at the residence, and the caller comes outside to see if he can “help” in any way. A police officer asks the caller to remain in his home for the time being. The police officer knocks on the door of the residence in question and is met by a female who is upset and crying. She tells them she is the wife of the male subject. She also tells them that the male subject is 35 years old and has PTSD. As the police are speaking to the woman at the front door, they hear a male voice yelling from inside the home and can hear objects being thrown and glass breaking. The female tells them that there is no one else in the house. She gives the officers permission to enter the home. As the police enter the home, a second patrol unit arrives on the scene. There are now four officers on the scene.

As the officers enter the home, the scene rapidly escalates. The male subject has barricaded himself in a back bedroom. Per procedural regulations, more backup is called in. Within minutes of the request for additional police support, the press arrives to cover the situation. A reporter approaches the scene and asks what is happening. After 45 minutes, the situation is resolved when the police are able to convince the man to leave his house. The man is taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital for evaluation.