You must submit the screenshot of these questions to verify your completion

Q1. Use Python Interpreter and write the code. Submit the screenshot and explain the answer

>>>name = Elliott Hutchinson
Write the output and explain  why

Q2. Type the following program and explain the outcomes. 

data = Hi there!
for index in range(len(data)):
  print(index, data[index])

Q3: Use the Python software and write the following code.  Run the program and fix the errors (if any). You must submit the screenshot. 

code = input(Enter the coded text: )
distance = int(input(Enter the distance value: ))
plainText =
for ch in code:
    ord value = ord(ch)
    cipherValue = ord value distance
    if cipherValue < ord(a):
        cipherValue = ord(z)
                    (distance (ord(a) ordvalue 1))
    plainText += chr(cipherValue)