Cognitive Neuropsychiarty

choose one of the conditions described in your reading ‘Chapter 15 Cognitive Neuropsychiatry.’ Find a current research article (from the last five years) that discusses this condition with respect to brain function. For example, you might find research examining how brain imaging is being used to diagnose this condition, or a study looking at how a treatment for this condition changes brain functioning.
**Do not use a meta-analysis. This is a study that summarizes the results of multiple studies.
***Do not use an article that you find from ‘surfing the web.’ 😉
*** DO use an article that you find using UMGC’s Library OneSearch: When you do your search check full text articles only AND scholarly journals only. You should select a study that used actual participants (this will keep you from accidentally describing a meta-analysis).  If you are unsure whether the article you have selected is appropriate email me and I can check it for you.
Provide a brief summary of the research for your classmates (a short paragraph for each section described below). Your summary should include the following:

1. a description of the topic you are discussing
2. identify the research questions/hypotheses examined
3. describe what methods were used
4. discuss the results of the research
5. discuss your overall thoughts on the research (were the results meaningful, how might they be applied, were there any major problems with the study, etc.)