Communications Question

In this paper, you will use your knowledge of critical incident response policy and the lessons learned from at least two events to evaluate national response policy under the National Incident Management System (NIMS). The focus of your paper is on response policy (NIMS) and its implementation in two events. The paper should develop by first explaining the current national response policy and any existing criticism of the system. This should then be tied to lessons learned from the events that you choose. The paper needs to remain tightly focused on issues in incident response. For example, the intelligence failures that led to an incident are outside the scope of the paper. The focus is on the analysis of lessons from response operations and the management of incidents. Based on your analysis you should recommendations on how you would improve or change the system to improve its effectiveness.

You are required to write eight to ten pages (full pages) of the narrative. Other material, such as the cover page, references, graphs, charts, lists, quotes photos, and so forth, do not count toward the page count.