Company Project Alphabet Corp

Company : Alphabet Corp

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Your cover page should include the following:

Your Name

Your Major

Company Name

Dates the project covers (ex. 2010-2019)

MGT 4810

Spring 2020

Executive Summary

Thesummary should consist of three (3) paragraphs. A proper paragraph hasat LEAST three sentences. The executive summary should be no less than500 words.

Paragraph One

Tell me about your company. I maynot be familiar with the organization you are researching; this willhelp me understand your organization.

Paragraph Two

Tell me about this project. In YOUR OWN WORDS, tell me about this project.

Paragraph Three

Tellme what you learned from this project. Do not tell me about yourcompany, but what skills did you develop from this project. (Excel, timemanagement, etc. )

Table of Contents

The table ofcontents must include page numbers and titles of the tools. Please donot use Tool 1 page 4. It should read, Tool 1: Historical Analysis andthe appropriate page number.

Download and please FOLLOW RUBIC


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