Computer Science Question

Identify a current news or magazine article related to computer science or software

engineering dealing with contemporary issues such as hacking, security,
encryption, individual privacy, electronic espionage, or other relevant but similar
topics. These articles could be on internet issues from a global or local basis; about
the emerging and common use of drones or about the risk versus opportunity the
internet brings or exposes individuals to. Note Current means published this year.
Include the following in your discussions
Must have an introduction to the contemporary issue being discussed
Why this issue is relevant and important to todays working professionals
Pros and Cons of both sides of the issue
Suggestions on how to address the issue
Include All references in Appendix A
Include Signed Academic Integrity Form in Appendix B
Paper shall be 3 to 3.5 pages (not including front and back matter)
Due Date: See Syllabus-Schedule for due date
Papers will be submitted via Canvas Assignment.
Follow the instructions below.

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