Contemplation and consideration

Some people believe that you can tell who a

person is by what they do when no one is

looking. Let’s look at the following case. John

Doe, a nurse, has downloaded an application

to his phone that allows him to download

copyrighted textbooks for a nursing course

(that Doe is going to take) without his Internet

Service Provider knowing it. The application

is called “Cloak” as in cloak of invisibility (a

hooded coat one wears to make it so others

cannot see you). The application disguises

his phone and makes it so the information on

it is inaccessible. John is aware that other

people who are working and attending

nursing school (like him) also use this

software program for the same reason (and

to save money). John Doe knows that his

religion forbids him from using this

application to download in this manner. John

Doe is focused on his own economic

situation and does not consider the publisher,

author, and others involved in the books.

Think about a course of social action; what

social values should be used to address this

moral issue and conflict.