Criminal Justice Question

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Part one: define the following terms as used in CJ 582 – Methods of Justice Research II
Chapters 13 & 14 of;

REQUIRED TEXT: Miethe. Terance D. Simple Statistics/Applications in Criminology and Criminal Justice Roxbury Publishing Company Los Angeles, CA. ISBN 978-1-933220-06-6

  1. Coefficient of Determination ()
  2. Multiple Analysis
  3. Correlation
  4. Multiple Regression
  5. Linear Relationship
  6. Standardized Partial Regression
  7. Regression Analysis
  8. Statistical Control
  9. Residual Sum of Squares
  10. Unstandardized Partial

Part Two:
Write a two-page paper highlighting what you learned from reading chapters 13 & 14. The paper must be in your own words.