Cultural Studies Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a cultural studies report and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Write a 4-5 page paper (not counting the title page and reference page). You do not need to write

an abstract. Follow current APA professional style standards. Cite and reference our textbooks,
Cultural Engagement, by Chatraw and Prior (2019), and Cultural Humility, by Hook et al.
(2017) as sources used for support in your paper. Cite and reference a website or document used
in describing one potential cultural training course, and one peer-reviewed journal article from
the past 5 years. The peer-reviewed journal article that you use for this paper must be a scholarly
source, not a book, newspaper article, online blog, book review, or magazine article. Use
Libertys online library to locate a current article. These four sources are required for this paper.
Limit the use of direct quotes. You may use Scripture as well (see the Writing Style Guide tab
for how to cite and reference Bible versions that you quote). Begin with a brief paper
introduction before going to your first section/heading (do not use a heading for the
introduction). Because you are writing about your personal plan for multicultural orientation, it is
appropriate to use first person pronouns (I, me, my, for example) in this paper. Use the following
bold headings:
Limitations and Strengths: What limits or weaknesses relevant to multicultural orientation do
you recognize in yourself? What are your strengths, skills, and resources for multicultural
orientation? Use honest self-reflection and awareness to discuss specific potential limitations and
Plan for Seeking Feedback: Describe your plan for obtaining regular feedback from clients
about how they feel their cultural identities are being addressed in therapy/services. Cite Hook et
al. (2017) in this section. What specific questions might you ask a client that would demonstrate
multicultural orientation? How else can you plan for feedback (for example, discuss your
openness to feedback from colleagues and supervisors)?
Plan for Addressing Limitations: Find and discuss one training course and one professional
reading that would be helpful in addressing multicultural limitations or weaknesses that you
identified. You do not need to actually attend a training course; this is for practice in locating
resources. Read, cite and reference one peer-reviewed journal article from the last five years that
represents a professional reading that improves your knowledge and understanding of a
multicultural limitation you have identified. Discuss and explain what you learned from this
article that will help you to be more multiculturally oriented. HSCO 509

One website you may find helpful is (this is an organization that helps professionals
find seminars or trainings). You can search behavioral health seminars at for one that
addresses a multicultural need you have. Search for upcoming events at (the
American Counseling Association website),, or (the website for the American
Association of Christian Counselors). When you find a seminar, look for multicultural topics.
End with a Conclusion section where you summarize what you covered in your paper. What did
you learn from this assignment? What goals do you have for improving your multicultural