Deliverable 5 – Visualization of the Data


As you have learned in this course, qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research strategies can all be implemented by conducting surveys. In this section of your research project proposal, you will design an original survey that serves as the anchor for your methodology. If completed, you may use the research question identified in Deliverable 1.

Research Question: How does helping healthcare workers who care for individuals with substance abuse disorders understand concepts like optimal mental functioning and normal mental health through a lens of diverse cultural perspectives and impact the quality and effectiveness of care? 


Using the Survey Results Worksheet linked here, create a presentation that effectively displays and communicates your survey results to a target audience.

D5 Survey Results Worksheet.xlsx

  • Choose a research question in your field, and write ten original, quantitative survey questions that correlate with the ten data columns on the Survey Results Worksheet
  • Using the data in each column, create a graph, chart, or other data visualization for each of the ten survey items. You may employ any data visualization tool you prefer; however, please export and submit this document as a PDF.  YOU CAN SAVE AS A REGULAR MS WORD DOCUMENT AND I WILL EXPORT AS A PDF INCASE I NEED TO MAKE EDITS
  • Validate your data visualizations by including a one paragraph (five to seven sentences, minimum) interpretation of the findings for each of the ten data sets. (TOTAL OF 10 PARAGRAPHS – ONE FOR EACH GRAPH/CHART) Per instructor – FOCUS ON  THE JUSTIFICATION ON WHY YOU CHOSE THAT PARTICULAR STYLE OF VISUALIZATION AND NOT OTHER STYLES. WHY IS THAT THE BEST FOR TO REPRESENTATE THE DATA – **THIS IS IMPORTANT***
  • Submit the findings and written narratives in a single PDF. YOU CAN SAVE AS A REGULAR MS WORD DOCUMENT AND I WILL EXPORT AS A PDF INCASE I NEED TO MAKE EDITS

NOTE – Be sure the documents are in APA format (including title page, font, headings) and contain proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.