Diagram Prompt: Global University Network Infrastructure for xyz University

Design a global university network infrastructure diagram for xyz University with the following components:

1. University Locations

a. Four main university campuses located in different country regions: North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania

2. Dedicated Servers

a. Each university campus hosts dedicated servers to support various services, including academic resources, databases and email servers.

b. Highlight the geographical distribution of these servers in their respective regions.

3. Virtual Private Networks

a. Implement VPN connections between each university campus and the main data center at the headquarters in San Diego California USA.

b. Clearly label and annotate the VPN connections with the right meta data. 

4. Virtual Local Area Networks

a. Create four separate VLANs to segment network traffic for different purposes: Academics, Administration, Research, and Student Services.

b. Ensure proper VLAN separation for security and efficient network management.

5. Devices and Gateways

a. Place individual devices (e.g. computers, printers, IP phones) on each VLAN.

b. Assign unique gateway addresses for each VLAN.

c. Illustrate the connection paths between devices and gateways.

6. UDP Streaming Service

a. Design a UDP-based streaming service for distributing video content across the university campuses.

b. Represent the flow of video data through the network, highlighting its path from the streaming server to end-to-end devices. 

Ensure the diagram is organized, clearly labeled, and visually represents the interactions and connectivity among the different components of the universitys global network infrastructure. Use appropriate symbols, annotations, and color coding to enhance clarity. Your diagram should effectively convey the complexity of the network while maintaining readability.