1) Identify an organization (company or non profit) that has a good online news room and explain why its so good. (NOTE: this is not a news media organization’s news room page, but one you’d find on an organization’s web site. (For example, the National Education Association (NEA) has an online place for news media at:

2) Identify an organization that makes good use of social media to regularly communicate with its customers, as well as the news media. (for example, the DCMPD’s use of X). What makes their use of social media exceptional?

3) In preparation for your client’s upcoming opening of a new, unique retail store in DC, you’ve been asked to identify your recommendations for “top tier” local news media. Conduct research to familiarize yourself w/DC media sources. Identify your top media recommendation for: a) print; b) broadcast/TV; c) radio; d) social media; e) online/web.