Discussion 1 and 2

Consider the research article by Onwuegbuzie (2018) provided in this topic. The article has all the major sections of empirical research (abstract, introduction, literature review, methods, discussion, implications, and recommendations). Without addressing the article’s content specifically, how would you characterize the purpose of the literature review section? What roles does it serve? What is the section attempting to achieve as a part of the research write up? How does it influence the other sections of the empirical research article?

Refer to the requirements for the Topic 8 Dissertation Development assignment and develop a search strategy for completing this assignment. As you search for articles to complete your Topic 8 Dissertation Development assignment, it is worth considering how and where you conduct your searches. Beyond using keyword searches and mining the reference list for additional publications, you can find journals that publish in your specific field. Go to the website of a professional leadership organization related to your area of study and review what journals are available. Peruse some articles found in one of those publications. What did you find? How does this type of search allow you to identify relevant literature? How does this add to your understanding of the expansiveness of your field of study and the literature available to determine the need for a study? Explain.

Please make sure that you are using one academic supporting source for the two main DQ responses with a response of a minimum of 150 and a maximum of 300 words.