1. Think of a topic or issue that you are passionate about. Regarding your topic, what questions do you think are most important? (For example, you may love dogs and care about health.  You could ask Can owning a dog be good for ones health?)
  2. Search the Internet for articles describing data analyses that address your questions. (For example, the addresses the example question given in 1)
  3. Critique one of these articles using the concepts that are covered in the readings for Module 1. Your response should be at least 5 paragraphs that include: 
  4. Summary of your question and why you picked the question. (5pts)
  5. Summary of the article and how it addressed your question. (5pts)
  6. Review the Elements of Data Style chapter 2 reading. Categorize the analysis (or analyses) (descriptive, exploratory, inferential, predictive, causal, or mechanistic). Explain the reasoning behind your choices. (10pts)
  7. Review the concepts covered in Chapter 2 on Data Analysis. Address the context, resources, and audience of the analysis in the article that you chose. (10pts)
  8. Make at least five direct references to our readings in your paper. (5pts)