1. a)Katz states that “beauty – or the lack of it – influences a person’s

entire life. The halo and the horn effect comes into play beginning with birth and
continues throughout the various stages of life.” Do you

agree? If yes, why? If no, why not?

1.b). The uses of poverty – Gans. The main point in this article is that

the poor are present in society because they perform valuable functions

for society. The eradication of poverty would require that we find

alternatives to each of the functions that the poor perform for society.

Evaluate the alternatives that Gans discusses. What alternatives would

you add?

Each of your answers should be around 300 words for a total of

approximately 600 words.

2-2nd questions start here

Factors that increase or decrease BMR

Figure 7-6 (Smith, section 7.1 Energy Balance):

Watch this short video on metabolism:

Boost your metabolism!

Lets have an open discussion regarding metabolism.

      1. Questions to Answer:In 200 words or more:
        1. In your opinion, do you have a slow or fast metabolism?
        2. Explain your response based on the information provided in the linked (above) youtube video “can exercise actually boost metabolism”. In other words, based on this video, what scientific explanation explains your perceived metabolic rate?
        3. Now review Figure 7-6 (above) and the eBook section 7.1 on Basal Metabolism, what are ways you might be able to boostyour metabolism? Why?
        4. What are ways you might sabotage your metabolism? Please explain. Please back up your ideas with a reference to the eBook in your post (include section and page number)

        Share the above topics with the class and feel free to add any other suggestions, thoughts, comments, and questions your may have regarding metabolism.

What I expect (please see discussion grading rubric for point values and feedback):

  • Answer 4 questions fully with insight, back up your ideas with reliable evidence.
  • 200 words for discussion

3-One photographic method that most students use frequently is the selfie. See the not-so-recent, but still relevant article , which emphasizes costuming, composition and editing. Share a selection of selfies in a thread with your classmates; then in subsequent posts compare and contrast the visual features and resulting effects of each as we discuss the validity of the selfie as an art form.

  • Respond to at least two of your peers, identifying in each why their image is valid as an art form.
  • How many of the visual elements and principles of design can you identify in each of the submitted images?
  • What visual clues might signify a more complex subject?


  • Your original post answers should appear in paragraph format with a minimum of 500 words

4-a- Zimbardo says that assigning labels to people and putting them into a situation where

those labels acquire validity and meaning is sufficient to elicit pathological behavior.

Discuss what he means with regards to the social structure of the prison.

b. When the personnel of one hospital found out about this experiment, they said

nothing like that could ever happen in their hospital. Rosenhan said he would have a

pesudopatient admitted to the hospital within the next three months.

What happened? How could that happen?

Each of your answers should be around 300 words for a total of approximately 600 words.