Initial posting prompt: This week in class we will be covering depressive/mood diagnoses, and anxiety-related diagnoses. For your initial posting, you are to pick one diagnosis from the depressive/mood disorder diagnoses or the anxiety-related diagnoses. Please address the following areas within your initial posting:

  • Provide an overview of the diagnosis (be sure to use the DSM).
  • Review specific cultural considerations AND developmental considerations (child vs. adolescent) for the diagnosis.
  • Describe any specific warning signs and/or risk factors for the chosen diagnosis.
  • Find and describe risk assessments that can be used when clients are having suicidal thoughts, behaviors, or self harming behaviors including non-suicidal self injury.
  • Explore and explain what your current state regulations say about reporting and managing suicide risks. If you cannot find anything, research and identify ways that you can manage the risk.

Be sure to use scholarly resources as provided in the course shell or the library. Websites from .gov .edu or an institute related to mental health can be used in addition to the scholarly resources for this assignment.

Be sure to provide full APA references for all your work. You can find the rubric for how the discussion will be graded in the Course Information section of the class. Your initial posting is due Thursday by midnight. The initial posting should be at least 500 words in length.

Chapter 8 will be useful