Please put in separate documents: Discussion, Outline, and Final Paper

Discussion Board Unit 3 Prompt: For this one use the Model Minority file.

What is the model minority myth? Drawing from the readings, discuss how the model minority myth emerged historically. Discuss how the myth might still relevant today. Provide examples. Use two quotes and cite at least 1 of the course readings.


Discussion Board Instructions:

Each assignment has two parts: 1) Post answering the question prompt. 2) Response to another student.

  • POST: When the professor posts a question related to the reading, students will answer the question in a short essay form. These are short essays and must make use of proper grammar, spelling, and capitalization. Use approximately 500 words. Choose two quotes the readings that best support your argument. Correctly cite the quote in your response. Citations do not count toward the word count.
  • RESPONSE: Respond to another students POST. Do you agree with this students answer or can you share another perspective? Please be respectful of differences in perspective. It is perfectly fine to agree to disagree. The subject matter is very personal, and we want to maintain a welcoming and respectful learning environment for all students. Aim for approximately 200 words. Students will have 1 week following the deadline of the Discussion Board POST to complete their RESPONSE.

The due dates for each assignment can be found in the individual learning units on the Discussion Board. Once deadlines pass, Discussion Board Forums remain visible, but no more posts are allowed.

Rubric for Discussion Board Assignments

1) Post a short essay (500 words) in response to the thread prompt. Reply to another students post (200 words). Use academic language, proper citation, and good writing style in these short writing assignments.

Grading Rubric for Discussion Board (50 points total for both post and response)

Up to 40 points for Post

  • 40 Excellent writing style, organization, argument, and support (with a well-chosen quote with proper citation of reading and page number). No more than 20% of post was quoted material. The essay was engaging and interesting, answered all prompt questions, incorporated terms and concepts from class, and free of typos, poor grammar, and lack of capitalization.
  • 35 Good writing style, organization, argument, and support (with a well-chosen quote with improper citation of reading) but one or more elements missing.
  • 30 Satisfactory writing style, organization, argument, and support (with a quote, could have been better selected)
  • 25 Needs Improvement
  • 0 No post

Paper 2 (Final Project): Research Essay: (5-6 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font)

Students will conduct a research project on a chosen Asian American community or a theme or framework from the course materials. The student must conduct a literature review of relevant works related to their chosen topic. Students must draw upon one or more of the provided Digital Archival Collections (see below) and utilize 4 different sources from the provided archives. Students must develop a clear and concise thesis statement, demonstrate that their argument is supported by the literature, and provide evidence which supports their thesis. Students are encouraged to draw on their Book Review essay to help frame their paper.

A Preliminary Research Outline describing what the students will discuss in their essay must be submitted to the Professor by April 26. Both the Preliminary Research Outline and Research Essay will be submitted to the Canvas link on the contents page. Specific details and guidelines for the assignment will be made available on Canvas.

Please be sure to following the provided Guidelines for the Final Paper

The list of archival collections is included in the Guidelines for the Final Paper

General Rubric for Academic Papers:A- to A+ Excellent effort and result. Includes a thesis statement with a strong, convincing argument that explains why and is supported by the course material. Demonstrates thoughtfulness of the students own analysis and of the main points of the course. Very clear, accurate statements, arguments, and summarization; university-level grammar and sentence structure; well-organized paper, meeting word requirement; conclusive language with active voice and relevant, specific vocabulary. Includes properly cited sources with a bibliography. Resources: Center for Learning and Academic Support Services and Chicago Manual of Style (Notes and Bibliography).B- to B+ Very good to good. Clarity and accuracy need some improvement; sentence-level structure sometimes lacking, with a few grammatical mistakes; paper organized yet not entirely cohesive; unsure voice occasionally inconclusive, sometimes passive and in need of more appropriate, specific vocabulary.C- to C+ Sufficient. Noticeable lapses of clarity, some inaccurate statements, poorer arguments; some lack of grammatical integrity and inconsistent sentence structure; paper in need of better organization, perhaps not meeting word requirement; inconclusive, sometimes vague language, awkward voice with non-essential padding using too little relevant, specific vocabulary.D- to D+ Lack of clarity, statement and arguments inaccurate; poor, substandard grammar and sentence structure; poorly organized paper, perhaps not meeting word requirement; poor use of language without integral voice, some excess of non-essential padding and predominance of non-specific vocabulary. F Very little clarity with poor statements, weak and inaccurate arguments; unacceptably poor grammar and sentence structure; poorly organized paper perhaps not meeting word requirement; very poor use of language and with no consistent voice, dominated by non-essential padding and lacking specific vocabulary.

Provide a tentative thesis statement for your research project. List the Digital Archives you will be using. Provide an outline of what each section of your research paper will include