Welcome to our first discussion of the semester! This discussion counts for 25 points. Your total writing should be at least 200 words and you must also post on the work of a colleague. This discussion has three parts. As always, your writing must be your own and must demonstrate genuine reflection on the lessons.

Part 1. Please briefly introduce yourself! Share a fun or interesting fact. What themes and/or topics are most looking forward to learning about in this class?

Part 2. Based on the Reconstruction lesson, answer one of the questions below. Your answer must be based on viewing the lesson.

What were the big changes to the Constitution after the Civil War?

How much did daily and economic life change for African-Americans in the South after the Civil War?

How did revanchists (people who were angry about the Confederate defeat) resist change?

What measures did President Grant take to protect the rights of African Americans and the authority of the federal government in the South?

When Reconstruction ended in 1877, why do we look back on the period of the Civil War and Reconstruction as a “half revolution”?

Part 3. Based on the week one lesson on the American West, answer two of the following.

The West itself is a vast and unique region in the United States. What are some unique things about California, Utah, and New Mexico?

How were railroads financed and built?

Note some key details about the US wars against the Commanche, tribes/nations of the northern plains, and the Nez Perce War.

What did you learn about US soliders in the West?

Who was George Custer? How did he become a legend? How has reputation changed over the years?