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  • Select ONE important from your prospective topic from ONE of the articles, recommended for L9 & L10 Lectures 9 & 10 (select and review ONE of the following articles):
  • 1. Competitive Advantage Through Innovation: The Case of Nespresso, Alexander B., EJIM, 2016 Vol. 19 Iss. 1, pp.133-148
  • 2. A New Approach to Strategic Innovation, Si, H. et al., HBS September- October 2023
  • 3. Skate to Where the Money Will Be, Christensen, C. et al., HBR Special Issue Spring 2023
  • 4. How a Startup Mindset Brews Innovation at a Global Scale, Tassilo Festetics interviewed by C. Clierfield, MIT Sloan MR, 2021, Summer