Discussion/ Values

Step 1: Listen and take notes on the Lecture on Values ( )

Step 2: Read the .PDF from The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes a chapter from Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell, pages 185-202.  See .pdf in Modules.

Step 3 : In a 200-300 word post, answer the following questions:  Analyze the Columbia airlines Avianca flight 052 situation described in Outliers (pages 185-202) in terms of high versus low context.  These concepts are explained in the Lecture on Values.  (Note:   Do not discuss power distance as Gladwell already provides that analysis.)  Did the cockpit crew valued high or low context?  Explain.  Did  ground control valued high or low context.  Explain.  Imagine you could go back in time before the plane crash.  What specific suggestions regarding  intercultural compentence would you offer to promote more competent intercultural communication between the cockpit crew and ground control.  Be specific.  Don't forget to integrate course terms from the Lecture on Values. Be sure not to summarize the situation.  This assignment is about analyzing the situation.  (Be sure to apply the suggestions from Analyzing versus Summarizing in modules.) 

Please note:  You must first post your own original initial response (at least 200 words in length) before viewing the initial responses of your classmates. Do not post a blank response first and then view the responses of your classmates as doing so will compromise the originality of your own response and result in points being deducted from your score on the assignment or a grade of "0" (zero).

Step 4 :  Read at least 5 of your colleagues' initial responses.  Choose 2 to comment to.  Each comment should be at least 100 words in length and add to the conversation (reflect on their experience, add your own examples, respectfully debate what is said, etc.)  Often a student will choose to comment on a response that was most helpful to them in understanding the course material better or one that they found interesting or intriguing.